Tuesday, December 16, 2014

a Christmas chant



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HOIRE! hoire! beannaicht e! beannaicht e!
Hoire! hoire! beannaicht e! beannaicht e!
      Ho! hi! beannaicht an Righ!
      Ho! hi! biodh aoibh.
Buaidh biodh air an tulaich seo,
Na chualas leibh ’s na chunnas leibh,
Air na leaca loma loinnear lair,
      ’S air na clacha corrach cuimir clair,
      Hoire! hoire! beannaicht e! beannaicht e!
Beannaich an taigh ’s na bheil ann,
Eadar chuaill is chlach is chrann
Imir do Dhia eadar bhrat is aodach,
      Slainte dhaoine gun robh ann,
      Hoire! hoire! beannaicht e! beannaicht e!
Gu mu buan mu’n tulach sibh,
Gu mu slan mu’n teallach sibh,
Gu mu liuth dul ’s ceann sguilb ’s an aros,
      Daoine tamh ’s a bhunntair,
      Hoire! hoire! beannaicht e! beannaicht e!

HAIL King! hail King! blessed is He! blessed is He!
Hail King! hail King! blessed is He! blessed is He!
      Ho, hail! blessed the King!
      Ho, hi! let there be joy!
Prosperity be upon this dwelling,
On all that ye have heard and seen,
On the bare bright floor flags,
      On the shapely standing stone staves,
      Hail King! hail King! blessed is He! blessed is He!
Bless this house and all that it contains,
From rafter and stone and beam;
Deliver it to God from pall to cover,
      Be the healing of men therein,
      Hail King! hail King! blessed is He! blessed is He!
Be ye in lasting possession of the house,
Be ye healthy about the hearth,
Many be the ties and stakes in the homestead,
      People dwelling on this foundation,
      Hail King! hail King! blessed is He! blessed is He!

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Iobair dh ’an Ti eadar bhonn agus bhrat,
Eadar chuaill agus chlach agus chrann;
Iobair a ris eadar shlat agus aodach,
Slanadh shaoghal a dhaoine th’ ann,
      Hoire! hoire! beannaicht e! beannaicht e!
      Hoire! hoire! beannaicht e! beannaicht e!
           Ho, hi, beannaicht an Righ,
               Ho, hi, biodh aoibh!
         Beannaicht an Righ,
         Gun tus gun chrich,
         Gu suth, gu sior,
         Gach linn gu brath,
               Ho! hi! biodh aoibh!

from the CarminaGadelica

Offer to the Being from found to cover,
Include stave and stone and beam;
Offer again both rods and cloth,
Be health to the people therein,
      Hail King! hail King! blessed is He! blessed is He!
      Hail King! hail King! blessed is He! blessed is He!
           Ho, hail! blessed the King!
               Let there be joy!
         Blessed the King,
         Without beginning, without ending,
         To everlasting, to eternity,
               Every generation for aye,
               Ho! hi! let there be joy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Advent evening Hymn

Come, Sun and Savior, to embrace Our gloomy world,
its weary race,
As groom to bride, as bride to groom:
The wedding chamber, Mary's womb.
At your great Name, O Jesus, now
All knees must bend, all hearts must bow;
All things on earth with one accord,
Like those in heaven, shall call you Lord.
Come in your holy might, we pray,
Redeem us for eternal day;
Defend us while we dwell below,
From all assaults of our dread foe.

Advent Evening Hymn (8th Century)

Monday, November 17, 2014

St Hilda's Birth

We do not know where Hilda was born, but we learn from Bede that her birth took place in the year 614. She was the second daughter of Hereric, great nephew of King Edwin of Northumbria, and his wife Breguswith. Her elder sister Hereswith, married the King of East Anglia. Hilda’s noble status is important in understanding her, but it did not mean she had an easy life.

When she was still an infant, her father was murdered by poisoning while in exile at the court of the British King of Elmet, (in what is now West Yorkshire). It is generally assumed that she was brought up at King Edwin’s court in Northumbria.

Graphic: 7th century Northumbrian kings and Abbesses.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Saints Day (5)

A Litany of The Saints

Lord, have mercy on us. (Lord have mercy on us)

Christ, have mercy on us. (Christ have mercy on us)

Lord, have mercy on us. (Lord, have mercy on us)

Christ, hear us. (Christ, hear us)

Christ, graciously hear us. (Christ, graciously hear us)

God the Father of heaven, (have mercy on us)

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, (have mercy on us)

God the Holy Spirit, (have mercy on us.)

Holy Trinity, Blessed Three fold Friendship of the Living God, (have mercy on us)

Holy Mary, Holy Mother of God, (pray for us*)

St. Michael, St. Gabriel,St.

All you holy Angels and Archangels,

St. John the Baptist,St. Joseph,

All you holy Patriarchs and Prophets and Apostles,

,All you holy Martyrs,

All you holy Bishops and Confessors,

All you holy Doctors,

All you holy Priests and Levites,

All you holy Monks and Hermits,

St. Mary Magdalen,St. Agatha,St. Lucy,St. Agnes,St. Cecilia,St. Catherine,St. Anastasia,All you holy Virgins and Widows,

All you holy Saints of God, (make intercession for us.)

Be merciful, (spare us, O Lord.)

Be merciful, (graciously hear us, O Lord.)

From all evil, O Lord (deliver us*)

From all sin,

From the snares of the devil,

From anger, and hatred, and every evil will,

Through the mystery of Your holy Incarnation,

Through Your Coming,

Through Your Birth,

Through Your Baptism and holy Fasting,

Through Your Cross and Passion,

Through Your Death Burial and Resurrection,

Through the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.

In the day of judgment .(We implore you to hear us*)

That You would spare us, That You would pardon us,

 That You would bring us to true penance,

That You would vouchsafe to govern and preserve Your holy Church,

That You would vouchsafe to preserve our Apostolic Prelate,and all orders of the Church in holy religion,

That You would vouchsafe to humble the enemies of holy Church,

That You would vouchsafe to give peace and true concord to Christian kings and princes,

That You would vouchsafe to grant peace and unity to the whole Christian world,

That You would call back to the unity of the Church all who havestrayed from her fold, and to guide all unbelievers into the light of the Gospel,

That You would vouchsafe to confirm and preserve us in Your holy service,

That You would lift up our minds to heavenly desires,

That You would render eternal blessings to all our benefactors,

That You would deliver our souls, and the souls of our brethren,relations, and benefactors, from eternal damnation,

That You would vouchsafe to give and preserve the fruits of the earth,

That You would vouchsafe to grant eternal rest to all the faithful departed,

That You would vouchsafe graciously to hear us,Son of God,

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, (spare us, O Lord.)

 Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, (graciously hear us, O Lord.)

 Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, (have mercy on us.)

Christ,  (hear us)

Christ, (graciously hear us)

Lord, have mercy, (Lord have mercy)

Christ, have mercy, (Christ, have mercy)

Lord, have mercy,  (Lord, have mercy)

Finally say the Our Father inaudibly.

Friday, October 10, 2014

teresea of Avlia

Prayer for a Busy Life by St. Teresa of Avila

How is it God, that you have given me this hectic busy life when I have so little time to enjoy your presence? Throughout the day people are waiting to speak with me, and even at meals I have to continue talking to people about their needs and problems. During sleep itself I am still thinking and dreaming about the multitude of concerns that surround me. I do all this not for my own sake, but for yours.

To me my present pattern of life is a torment; I only hope that for you it is truly a sacrifice of love. I know that you are constantly beside me, yet I am usually so busy that I ignore you. If you want me to remain so busy, please force me to think about and love you even in the midst of such hectic activity. If you do not want me so busy, please release me from it, showing others how they can take over my responsibilities.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Richard Rolle 1290, 1349

Richard Rolle Quotes

It behoves thee to love God wisely; and that may thou not do but if thou be wise.

Who breathe where you will, come into me and snatch me up to yourself.

The commandment of God is, that we love Our Lord in all our heart, in all our soul, in all our thought.

For love is a willful stirring of our thoughts unto God, so that it receive nothing that is against the love of Jesus Christ, and therewith that it be lasting in sweetness of devotion; and that is the perfection of this life.

The first is called insuperable, the second inseparable, the third singular.

Thy love is singular when all thy delight is in Jesus Christ and in no other thing finds joy and comfort.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Henri J. M. Nouwen ( 1932 - 1996 )

A split between divinity and humanity has taken place in you. With your 
divinely endowed centre you know God's will, God's way, God's love. 
But your humanity is cut off from that. Your many human needs for 
affection, attention, and consolation are living apart from your divine 
sacred space. Your call is to let these two parts of yourself come 
together again.

You have to move gradually from crying outward - crying out for 
people who you think can fulfil your needs - to crying inward to the 
place where you can let yourself be held and carried by God, who 
has become incarnate in the humanity of those who love you in 
community. No one person can fulfil all your needs. But the community 
can truly hold you. The community can let you experience the fact that, 
beyond your anguish, there are human hands that hold you and show 
you God's faithful love.
 From: 'The Inner Voice of Love' by Henri  J. M. Nouwen

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

King Oswald (605-42)

Oswald in a wall painting in Durham Cathedral

Lord God almighty, who so kindled the faith of King Oswald with your Spirit that he set up the sign of the cross in his kingdom and turned his people to the light of Christ: grant that we, being fired by the same Spirit, may always bear our cross before the world and be found faithful servants of the gospel; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.

A Collect (prayer) from the memorial Mass of King Oswald

Saturday, June 28, 2014

IRENAEUS (120-202)

" the greatest way to glorify God is with a life well lived"

Born in Asia Minor, probably Smyrna. He was a disciple of Polycarp who had been mentored by John the beloved. He studied in Rome then became a priest at Lyons at the invitation of the Ponthinus the first bishop of Gaul.

He was sent back to Rome with a message and on his return to Lyons found that Ponthinus had been killed in the persecution. Irenaeus was made the new bishop of Gaul. He remained in the West and died there.
Irenaeus made a later journey to Rome to plead for leniency toward the Montanists and for those Eastern Christians who were threatened with excommunication because they did not observe the Roman date for Easter.

His writings were important in the early development of Christian theology and the development of the Canon. Irenaeus also provides the first explicit witness to a four-fold gospel canon. He was the earliest Father of the Church to systematize the Christian beliefs that would later they the foundation for orthodox doctrine. He is frequently cited by later theologians.

Only two of his works survive—neither in the original Greek. The five-volume Against Heresies establishes Christian doctrine against the Gnostics and incidentally supplies much of our present information on Gnosticism. And the Epideixix or the Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching, which is a concise exposition of Christian doctrine.

He is recognized as a Saint by both the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches.

Monday, June 9, 2014

St. Columba

Kindle in our hearts, O God,
The flame of that love
which never ceases,
That it may burn in us,
giving light to others.
May we shine forever
in Thy holy temple,
Set on fire with Thy eternal light,
Even Thy son, Jesus Christ,
Our Savior and Redeemer.

attributed to Columba of Iona