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.Celtic Communion Gathering

.Celtic Communion Gathering

 Here is a beautiful Celtic communion liturgy we use from time to time in our gatherings. It's been garnered from different sources

words in bold type spoken by all

SINGING : if desired

Facilitator: There is one God
And one mediator between heaven
And earth the man Christ Jesus,
Who gave himself as a ransom for many.

Who ever is on the Lords side,
Let them join with me,
That we may come to the visions of God.
All: Create a clean heart within me, O’ God,
So that it may become your chosen shelter
And the resting place of your Holy Spirit.

May the Everlasting three-fold friendship of God,
Light of lights comes awaken our hearts
That we may live in the power of Your Grace.

Message (Homily)) / or Caim Prayer / open prayer /
ora creed can be read hereAll: Through our lives,
And by our prayers
Thy Kingdom come


Facilitator: Deep peace be in your thinking Deep peace be in your hearts Deep peace between you and God’s good earth, Deep peace be between you and your neighbor
Brothers & Sisters, the deep peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
All: and also with you
Gifts of bread and wine may be brought forward

Celebrant: The Lord is with us

All: and His spirit is here

Celebrant: We bless you, High King of all creation. Through your goodness we have this bread and wine to offer, which earth has given and hands have made, they will be for us our spiritual food and drink.

All: Blessed be God forever.

Reader: as we bring this bread to you (lift up the bread) Lord of the Elements, we offer up to you our hearts, our energies our labor, our leisure our relationships. Our minds our thoughts, time and talents, all that we create, all that we possess, Our souls, our coming our going, Our strength, our days and nights, our hopes and fears, the day of our birth and the moment of our death, Oh bread and breath of life.

We pour out this wine (pour wine) and offer to you the woes of life poured out. Disappointment, disease, hurt, or handicap As grapes crushed to make this wine so we offer to you all who are crushed by hunger, homelessness, violence or abuse. You who put beam in sun and moon, take all this and transform it into the deep rich wine of everlasting life.


Celebrant: Lift up your hearts

All: We lift them to the Lord

Celebrant: Let us thank the Lord for all He has done
All: Thanks be to God
Celebrant: High King of the Universe, you brought forth the earth: Breathe wisdom into all your creatures till we reflect your three-fold friendship. In our pain and sorrow we cry out to you Lamb of God. Perfect sacrifice for our sins. By the power of your spirit may these gifts of bread and wine be for us Christ’s body and blood, who on the night He was betrayed took bread, gave you thanks, broke it and gave it to His disciples saying “Take eat, this is my body which is broken for you. After supper he took the cup, gave you thanks and said to them “Drink, all of you this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for you and the many for the forgiveness of sin. Do this as often as you drink it in remembrance of me”

Reader: Alas we have seen the Son of the living God stretched out on a cross.
The human frame plunged into blood, a crown of thorns placed about His head.
Blood flowing freely from His side.
This cross is like the parting of the day from the night
Yet through it, all may now proclaim.
All: Christ has died
Christ has risen
Christ will come again

: Risen Christ we welcome you.
Father send forth your Holy Spirit among your children
Feed us with the bread of heaven
May we become intoxicated with your holiness.
Come forward to receive communion


Facilitator: Heaven is intertwined with earth. Selah
We have taken divine life into ours. Therefore:
All: I rise up today clothed in the strength of Christ
I go freed to weave Christ’s patterns
I shall not fear
I go loved to serve Christ’s weak ones
I shall not be overwhelmed.
I go armed to rout out Christ’s foes.
I shall not be alone,

Facilitator: The saving streams from the pierced side of Christ cleanse us.
The Sacred Three shield us, protecting us from all that destroys; and lead us,
Always along Christ’s Path.

May the peace of Christ go with us wherever he may send us
May he guide us through the wilderness and protect us from the storm
May He bring us home rejoicing at the wonders he has shown us
May He bring us home rejoicing once again unto His doors?
All: In the name of the Father
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit.
The blessed three in one

+ Can cross your self if you wish


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