Thursday, August 20, 2009

King Oswin of Deira (?- 651)

Oswin of Deira (died 651 AD) is buried at Tynemouth Priory

"King Oswin was of a goodly countenance, and tall of stature, pleasant in discourse, and courteous in behaviour; and bountiful to all, gentle and simple alike; so that he was beloved by all men for the royal dignity of his mind and appearance and actions, and men of the highest rank came from almost all provinces to serve him. Among all the graces of virtue and moderation by which he was distinguished and, if I may say so, blessed in a special manner, humility is said to have been the greatest, which it will suffice to prove by one instance."

writes Bede of Oswin

also see the Living Water thumbnail bio of Oswin of Deira

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