Monday, December 14, 2009

St. John of the Cross (1542-1591)

John of the Cross Speaks

“If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.”

“In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone.”

 “He who interrupts the course of his spiritual exercises and prayer is like a man who allows a bird to escape from his hand; he can hardly catch it again.”

“Abide in peace, banish cares, take no account of all that happens, and you will serve God according to his good pleasure and rest in him.”

“Desolation is a file, and the endurance of darkness is preparation for great light.”

“In tribulation immediately draw near to God with confidence, and you will receive strength, enlightenment, and instruction.”

“Beloved, all that is harsh and difficult I want for myself, and all that is gentle and sweet for thee”

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