Saturday, January 9, 2010

personal greeting for 2010

Greetings all, in the kindness of the Threefold Friendship of God.

Well happy new year. Here we are 2010.  Living Water from an Ancient Well now has two full years under its belt. Many more of you are reading, gleaning from and enjoying the posts. Some of you have left comments. I greatly appreciate the feed back and diolouge. Please use what you wish. I also encourage those that would like to link to this blog to feel free to do so. would love for to just  it 
become an on going resource base.

I will continue to work at making Acient Water a rich reservoir in context of the diverse Christian faith traditions... stories, prayers, litergies, worship, spiritual diciplines, personal journey... This year the focus will be on Spiritual practice, early church teaching, and  present day application.

Along the left side you'll notice a growing list of related links along with interactive oppurtunities to learn or practice the daily office, centering prayer, lectio divina... avariety of short pertinent videos will always be available...  along the bottom of the page you'll continue to find headlines from around the world dealing with related topics and a strip of videos that will frequainly change up. Over time the archives will hopefully create a useful resource in themselves.What will arrive here is gleaned from the rich Christian faith traditions of the past with an emphisis on the Celtic stream... some retro fitted for the present, some in context of personal journey.

I also want to encourage my facebook friends to actually beome members of the blog itself. Once again thanx  and a rich blessing to you and yours. Enjoy!!!!!

forver in the grip of grace

brad culver

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