Monday, March 1, 2010

David of Wales (500-589)

Rhigyfarch also spelled Rhygyvarch in His book 'Buchedd Dewi' ('Dewi's Life') claims that David cured the blindness of his tutor St Paulinius and that when he opened his eyes, he saw daffodils for the first time.

Rhigyfarch also records what has become the most famous legend surrounding St David. David was attending an important Church Synod meeting in Llanddewi Brefi near Tregaron. A huge crowd of people had gathered near the village church and many complained that they couldn't see or hear what was going on.

David placed a handkerchief on the ground and stood on it. Suddenly, a small hill is said to have risen from under his feet so that he could be seen by everyone. Some say that a dove then landed on his shoulder, a sign from God.

word carving of David of Wales

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