Friday, October 15, 2010

Teresa of Avilia (1515-1582)


Teresa wrote Interior Castle as a spiritual guide to union with God. The inspiration for the work came from a vision she received. In it, there was a crystal globe with seven mansions, God inhabiting  in the innermost mansion. Teresa interpreted this vision as an allegory of the soul's relationship with God. Each mansion represents a step on the path towards the "spiritual marriage",  union--with God reached in the 7th mansion. One begins this journey through prayer and meditation. She also spends much time examining  the resistance that the Devil places in various rooms, keeping the pilgrim from union with God. The  work contains excellent encouragement and advice for spiritual growth. Beyond its spiritual merit, Interior Castle is a fine  literary  work of the Spanish Renaissance. A  deeply challenging book, Interior Castle stands on par with other great works of this time, such as Dark Night of the Soul.

 LW thumbnail life of Theresa of Avilia

picture: old graphic of  Interrior castle

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