Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Calling of God

I say the prayer from my mouth, 
I say the prayer from my heart, 
I say the prayer to Thee Thyself, 
    O Healing Hand, O Son of the God of Salvation; 
To give praise to Thee, Jesus, 
Lord of sea and of land, 
Lord of sun and of moon, 
    Lord of the beautiful stars. 
    O God of the weak, 
    O God of the lowly, 
    O God of the righteous, 
         O shield of homesteads: 
    Thou art calling upon us 
    In the voice of glory, 
    With the mouth of mercy 
         Of Thy beloved Son.
O may I find rest everlasting
In the home of Thy Trinity, 
In the Paradise of the Godly, 
    In the Sun-garden of Thy love.

Prayer from the Gaelic

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