Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mystics Delight

Mystics Delight

Take me in
    An orphan of love
         lock me in
With no release
    embraced not restricted
          wooed by the promise of love
 Mercies sweet breath
      hot against my breast
           the limbs of the eternal
wrapped about my heart
     opened to the thrust of grace
            convulsing in  waves  joy
 Melting darkness 
              Birthing light

                                     bc 7/96

dedicated to A.W.T

photo:  bc


Eileen said...

Beautiful! This poem expresses something of the sacredness of sex that I have always intuitively felt, but never seen anywhere else. As a metaphor for union with God it embraces birth, life, and death, our earthly existence, animal nature, vulnerability, all we are as human beings. It expresses this union from both the masculine and feminine perspective, and portrays God as both a male and female lover. It uses the very human wish of never wanting sex to end and of it being the best thing this side of heaven to express our enjoyment of God and at the same time our longing for more. You understand. You know what it's like to be a mystic. I am not alone in the world! Thank you for sharing this intimate portrait of the mutual, all-encompassing love God wants for us all.

Brad Culver said...

thanx Eileen, i have written a number of poems that capture this metaphor. thought it was a fitting one to post on my blog.