Wednesday, February 1, 2012

St Brigid (c. 451–525)

 Brigid and the Druids Butter

Brigid's truest nobility, was in her generosity. At her father's home, she shocked the household by distributing to the poor most of the food at her disposal.  She later decided to return to a life of slavery in order to help her mother who had become ill. Taking over her mother's work in the dairy, Brigid would divide the butter she churned into thirteen parts, one for each of the twelve apostles and one larger part of Our Lord, which she would distribute to the poor. When her druid master discovered her generosity with his goods, he came to the dairy to confront her. She welcomed him, washed his feet, and prepared food for him. The druid could see nothing amiss, yet he determined to test Brigid and commanded her to fill a great vessel with butter Finding that she did not have enough butter to fulfill his request (because she had given so much to the needy), Brigid began to pray:

O my Prince
Who canst do all these things,
Bless O God... My kitchen with thy right hand:
My kitchen, the kitchen of the white God.
A kitchen which my King hath blessed,
A kitchen that hath butter.

And there was more than ample butter for the druid and his household.

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