Sunday, May 27, 2012

Peter Maurin Social transformation and celtic monasticismm

Maurin's vision to transform the social order consisted of three main ideas:
  1. Establishing urban houses of hospitality to care for the destitute.
  2. Establishing rural farming communities to teach city dwellers agrarianism  and encourage a movement back to the land .
  3. Setting up roundtable discussions in community centers in order to clarify thought and initiate action.
This vision was inspired by the early Celtic monastic communities that transformed Europe.

In His own words,

"Cult, Culture, and Cultivation"

"When the Irish scholars (monks) decided to lay the foundations
of medieval Europe, they established:Centers of Thought
 (monastic communities) in all the cities of Europe as far as
 Constantinople, where people could look for thought so they could
 have light. Houses of Hospitality where Christian charity were exemplified.
Agricultural Centers where they combined
(a) Cult - that is to say Liturgy
(b) with Culture - that is to say Literature
(c) with Cultivation - that is to say Agriculture. "

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