Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lectio Divina (1)

 Lectio Divina is Latin for divine reading, spiritual reading, or "holy reading," An ancient form of meditation on scripture where one reads "very slowly through a text until a word or phrase 'lights' up and attracts the reader. The text is then laid aside and the phrase is repeated in the heart...without analysis."

1. Reading/thinking about Scripture
2. Reflecting on a personal word from the text
3. Responding in prayer on how the passage speaks into their life today
4. Resting in (or listening to) a personal message from God

the Four Rhythms in Lectio Divina):

1. Lectio: Read the Scripture passage slowly and give it a title.

2. Meditatio: Reflect on one word or phrase the Holy Spirit directs your attention to.
3. Oratio: Respond in prayer with emotion about a personal struggle or longing.
4. Contemplatio: Rest in a personal invitation or affirmation spoken to you by the Lord. (Write down what you sense God might be saying to you or just rest in his loving arms.)

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