Friday, November 9, 2012

Blessing For Hearth-Keepers

As the cooler days settle in upon us I thought it would be fitting to share this Celtic Blessing for the Keeper  of the  Hearth

Brigid of the Mantle, encompass us,
Lady of the Lambs, protect us,
Keeper of the Hearth, kindle us.
Beneath your mantle, gather us, And restore us to memory.
Mothers of our mother, Foremothers strong.
Guide our hands in yours,
Remind us how To kindle the hearth.
To keep it bright, To preserve the flame.
Your hands upon ours, Our hands within yours,
To kindle the light, Both day and night.
The Mantle of Brigid about us,
The Memory of Brigid within us,
The Protection of Brigid keeping us From harm,
from ignorance, from heartlessness.
This day and night, From dawn till dark, From dark till dawn.

(Brigid is the Irish saint whose following draws strongly upon the Celtic Goddess of the same name; as hearth-keeper, she is venerated throughout the Celtic world.)

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