Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One of my favourite celtic prayer blessings.

Prayer for A Heavenly Feast.

St Brigid's  Blessing

I wish I had a great lake of ale for the King of kings,
and the family of heaven
to drink it through time eternal.
I wish I had the meats of belief and genuine piety,
the flails of penance,
and the men of heaven in my house.
I would like keeves of peace to be at their disposal,
vessels of charity for distribution,
caves of mercy for their company,
and cheerfulness to be in their drinking.
I would want Jesus also to be in their midst,
together with the three Marys of illustrious renown,
and the pople of heaven from all parts.
I would like to be a tenant to the Lord,
so if I should suffer distress,
He would confer on me a blessing.

One of my personal favorites. The shear honesty and earthness of the words and imagery are so refreshing.

The photo was taken at our one of our infamous Christmas Morning champange breakfast celibrations. I altered it with a photo shop program.

living water reprint from 2008

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