Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pile of Stones (part 2)

"A Monument of Remembrance."

"Tell me about the goodness of God", is a request i make fairly often to my wife... I seem to have a very short memory.

One day back in the mid-eighties during a difficult season (my mother had just passed away) while reading Joshua, we had an epiphany  Why don't we make a pile of stones and establish a monument of remembrance like the children of Israel were told to do. We made a list of Miracles, promises, answered prayer, words, tokens (more about that another time) and obvious kindness of God, so in times of trial and darkness or a tell me the stories moment we would have something tangible to turn to.

So we drew a pile of stones on a piece of full-scap and wrote on the individual stones. God promised this. He provided that. The Lord healed so and so. We have added a sheet or two over the years and still occasionally pull the tattered pages out to refresh our memories.

Eventually we made a real pile of stones in our back yard and had a gathering where we placed stones of remembrance  From time to time we place new stones if something warrants it.

We've even had friends come over and place stones to mark monumental times in there lives. Some have simply given us a stone and asked us to place it for them. Each time we see that pile in our back yard not only are we reminded of God's goodness in our lives but that of our friends as well.

living water reprint from 2008

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