Saturday, July 6, 2013

Using the Ceilidh model for gathering

Ceilidhs are a wonderful Celtic tradition, a good time and a great way to connect with folks, your friends, family and neighbors. They're a wonderful way to bring worlds together, blending cultures and building appreciation for the other. We've been hosting them for many years now.

Another thing we  experimented with during our years facilitating the refuge faith community  ( a manageable sized house gathering) was using the ceilidh model for our communities gatherings. 'One brings a word one brings a song one brings a hymn..." In our present culture most people are used to observing not participating. By it's very nature the ceilidh is inclusive and interactive encouraging participation.

Many people generally expect christian gatherings to be pretty  much modeled after 'I come you speak i listen."

When we explore the dynamic of the early church there seems to be strong indication of what could be referred to as body ministry. The ceilidh model helps to facilitate an every body gets to play atmosphere.

Everyone can participate, everyone has space to interact. Everyone is encouraged to bring a word a song a hymn, share a story.. etc. The trick is in the facilitating. This is a great challenge and some times it's a little more work than simply leading a meeting. In the end the fruit can well out weigh the work. Besides it's just a lot of fun relationship building.

a living water from an ancient well repeat from 2008

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Dave Jacobs said...

Really, really good. This would work for a small group leader, church planter (especially while it is small) but also, dare I suggest, as a model for a more established and larger church? Thank Brad.