Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Echternach Gospels

The Echternach Gospels  were produced,  at Lindisfarne Abbey  in Northumbria around the year 690. This location was very significant for the production of Illuminated manuscripts, such as the Durham Gospels ) and the Lindisfarne gospels  The scribe of the Durham Gospels is believed to have created the Echternach Gospels as well. This manuscript, and other such codices, were highly important instructional devices used in the Early Middle Ages primarily for conversion.

The Echternach Gospels were probably taken by St Willibrod, a Northumbrian missionary, to his newly founded Echternach Abbey in Luxembourg, from which they are named. It is significant that this early Echternach manuscript should have been brought here because, with Willibrord as Abbot, the scriptoria at Echternach would then become the most influential center for Hibernia-Saxon style manuscript production in continental Europe.

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