Friday, January 11, 2008

Fixed Hour Prayer (part1) Rhythm and the hours

Rhythm & The Hours

Rhythm is about balancing the different aspects of ones life.... work, play, prayer, family, friends... etc. Time is one of our most precious commodities. In this day and age time has become a battle field of sorts, everything vying for more and more of it. Over the years i have found that striking a balance became difficult to maintain.... particularly in my devotional life.

When our children were younger the issue was much simpler ... We had set times for certain things (we home schooled). A rhythm developed around our home life. Each evening we had a family time which helped me find somewhat of a rhythm in my personal life.

As our family transitioned, children getting older, finding a clearer track was always a challenge. Over the years i experimented with all types of different prayer, quiet time/devotional tools... some better than others. My wife and i had a difficult time finding something that worked for the both of us, particularly together.

Over five years ago while attending a Celtic Spirituality conference we were introduced to "The Hours", "Fixed Hour Prayer" or as we have come to know them, "The Daily Office". I was previously aware of the hours, but quiet frankly had never considered their present application.

We introduced this spiritual practice into our lives five years ago. Praying the office/ the hours has renewed our spirits. It helped bring balance into our lives and gave us something that facilitates journey together. We have been able to maintain a consistency with the hours that we just couldn't find with any other approach. Not to say it's the only way but it does have a time tested track record.

More about the hours in coming posts.

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John c said...

Brad I do so agree with you
I find that i pray the most on the go
when driving my commute i can have a open diaogoe with God as i drive
now with being off i find first thing in the morning before the kids wake up I can have some personal time and get some answers
although latly i have had troulbe hearing the answer but the answer does show up