Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Intro 2008


Greetings all, in the grace and mercy of the Threefold Friendship of God the Father, God the Son and God the Blessed Holy Spirit...

As the Community of Christ ventures into the postmodern present we can glean and learn alot from the premodern past. There is an abundence of wealth, spiritual gold to be mined from the deepths of the past for use in the present.

This blog is dedicated to creating a resource that explores the rich reservoir of spiritual practice that exists in context of the diverse Christian faith traditions. Hopefully it will be come an emergent ancient future misal of sorts... stories, prayers, litergies, worship, spiritual diciplines, personal journey... a place to come and a resource to feel free to pinch from through out the year...

Along the left side you'll notice a growing list of related links along with interactive oppurtunities to learn or practice the daily office, centering prayer, lectio divina... avariety of short pertinent videos will always be available... posts will explore different aspects of and tools for a developing faith journey, personal and collective... along the bottom of the page you'll find headlines from around the world dealing with related topics and a strip of videos that will frequainly change up. Over time the archives will hopefully create a useful resource in themselves.

What will arrive here is gleaned from the rich Christian faith traditions of the past with an emphisis on the Celtic stream... some retro fitted for the present, some in context of personal journey.

Praying you'll find the info in these posts as useful and encouraging as I have:

May the King shield you in the valleys
May Christ aid you on the mountains
May the Spirit bathe you on the slopes
In hollow, on hill, on plain

let us not grow tired of doing good
forever in the grip of grace


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