Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JOHN CASSIAN (360-435)

John Cassian was born in the Danube Delta in what is now Dobrogea, Romania (some sources instead place him as a native of Gaul). He entered a monastery in Bethlehem in 382. After several years he and his friend Germanus of Dobrogeaa spent time living with the the Desert Fathers in Egypt. They remained until 399 except for a brief period when they returned to Bethlehem.

Upon leaving Egypt they went to Constantinople. There John Cassian spent time with St. John Chrysostom who ordained him as a decon. Eventually he settled close to Marseilles. After being ordained a priest he founded two monasteries, one for women and one for men.

Cassian wrote "the Institutes", in which he detailed the monastic life, and 'the Conferences", which provide details of conversations with the Desert Fathers. He also warned against some of the excesses in Augustine of Hippo's theology without attacking him personally. His writings were recommended by St. Benidict for the training of new monks.

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Good Stuff about Cassian. He is one of my favorite Saints.