Saturday, November 22, 2008

C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)

Clive Staple Lewis was born in Belfast. His father was a solicitor. His mother a clergymans daughter died while Lewis was still a child.

He was an academic in Oxford who taught english at Magdalen College. In Suprised By Joy Lewis tells of his journey from atheism to faith. Deeply influenced by myth and story he recognized the existence of God in 1929 and came to embrace Christ in 1931.

He was a brilliant Christian apologist. Mere Christianity made theology practical and accessable for the common person at a time when scepticisim and modernisim were rampent in society the church.

He along with dear freind J R Tolkien, Charles Williams and others formed the Inklings. Lewis considered the 19th century Scottish pastor and writer George MacDonald his mentor. The Chronicles of Narnia along with His Scifi Trilogy have opened many to the awe, wonder, joy and love of the One "Who is the fullfilment of all myth and legend".

In mid life he meet and married Joy Davidson an american divorcee' with two young sons. Her premature death devisatated him promting Lewis to go much deeper in faith. A Grief Observed chronicles this journey. Lewis died on the same day as J. F. Kennedy and Bertrum Russell, Nov. 22nd 1963

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