Monday, November 17, 2008

Hilda of Whitby (614-80)

Hilda was the great niece of King Edwin of Northumbria. She was baptized at age 13 by Paulinus and became an nun at age 20. She was urged by Aidan to live out her vocation in her birthplace.

After founding a small community at Wearmouth she be came Abbess at Hartel pool.

In AD 657, Abbess Hilda had founded a double monastery of both monks and nuns at Whitby (Streoneshall) and here she finally settled

Hilda was a patroness of the arts, including her former cowherd, the poet, St. Caedmon. She herself was a notable teacher, whose advice was sought by Kings and Abbots alike; while her monastery became famed as a center of learning. It trained at least five bishops.

In AD 664, she played hostess to the famous Synod of Whitby at which the path of the Northumbrian Church was debated.

She died November 17th 680 at Whitby, after a long and painful illness lasting some six years.

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