Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

The Following "opening of the door prayer" was apparently once used by first footers in Scotland. This is the welcoming of Christ into the home and asking His blessing for the coming year.

This day is a new day
that has never been before
This year is a new year
open the main door of the house
Enter Lord Christ
we rejoice in your coming
You have given life
and we welcome you
We turn know to face you
we lift up our eyes
Be blessings our faces
Be blessing our eyes
May all our eyes look upon be blessed
Our nieghbours and loved ones
be blessed in your sight
This is a New year
the door has been opened
Be with us now Lord
We welcome your coming


Brian said...

brad thank you for blogging, I enjoy your wisdom, It was fantastic to get to meet you in 2008. Blessings upon you.

Brad Culver said...

Bless ya friend... our hour together was one of last years highlights... blessings... amybe we can do it agian somtime this year...LOL .. would like that