Tuesday, March 1, 2011

David of Wales (500-589)

When  the Pagan Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries  many British  Christians fled to the hill country of Wales for refuge. A christian life style devoted to learning asceticsim and missionary zeal sprang up. Since there were no cities the centers of culture were the monastic communities. Most abbots were bishops as well.  These abbot/bishops had no clear territory and simply traveled as required. Dewi (David) was the founder, abbot and bishop of the Monastery of Menevia in Pembrokeshire. He was greatly responsible for the spread of Christianity in Wales. His community was sought out  by scholars from Ireland and else where. He is considered the apostle of Wales in the same way that Patrick is the apostle of Ireland. Davids tomb is in St Davids cathedral on the site of ancient Mynynw now called Ty-Dewi or the House of David.

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graphic: St David's Cathedral Menevia in Pembrokeshire

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