Thursday, January 26, 2012

Casting a caim or encircling prayer

Casting a caim or encircling prayer is a technique that was used by the early Celtic Church. You can Draw an invisible circle around yourself with your right index finger by extending your arm towards the ground and turning clockwise with the sun. As you do this, become aware that you are safe and encompassed by the love of God: that you are encircled, enfolded and protected.

Circle me Lord
Keep hope within
Keep doubt without
Circle me Lord
Keep protection near
And danger afar
Art by Cari Buziak
Circle me Lord
Keep peace within
Keep evil out
Circle me Lord
Keep light near
And darkness afar

May You be a bright flame before me
May You be a guiding star above me,
May You be a smooth path below me,
And a loving Guide behind me,
Today, tonight, and forever.

*Cross image by Cari Buziak 

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Renee said...

Brad, I have done a lot of research on early Celtic Christianity but I hadn't heard of this. Beautiful.