Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ita (died 570 )

Listening for the Heart Beat of God

At a Young age Ita had a  hunger for the things of God. One night in a dream an angel appeared and presented  3  precious stones to her. When she inquired as to the meaning of the stones, the angel revealed that they symbolized the Trinity, Further  this would be a constant guiding presence in her life if she so desired.  Not only did she embrace the revelation, she prayed and fasted  seeking God's  direction more clearly,  learning to listen to and discern the leading of the spirit.

Ita began to experience change and transformation in herself and those around her.  Her father had refused his young daughters request to dedicate her life to the service of Christ and others. Her fathers mind was changed when he had a vision of how his daughters life would touch the lives of  the people.

Ita's  was  led to Kileedy  in County Limerick to establish a monastic community. She became known for her teaching and the power of prophecy and healing. Through out her life she cultivated  the practice of listening and responding to God.

Ita was convinced that the spirit was the true teacher and with that conviction established a school for boys, who came from far and near.. Many of her students went on to become well known followers of Christ in there own right. She has became affectionately referred to as the foster mother of the Irish Saints. One such foster son was Brendan the Navigator.

complied from several sources.

graphic: St. Ita, foster-mother to the saints of Ireland by Bridget Haggerty

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