Friday, November 1, 2013

Invocation of Celtic saints ( 5)

Illumine me, you holy ones of God,
you saints of Eire, of Alba and of now,
I cry to you, I supplicate, I pray;
My sins have found me out, my heart is full.
O Holy Padraig (Patrick), pray for me to God
that He may make me worthy, just as you,
that union in the Blessed Trinity
may be my only breastplate and my name.
Now, Blessed Aidan, saint of Lindisfarne,
your holy island calls my name this morn,
light me with all-pure Light, the Christ of God,
as once you shone Him to Northumbria.
Great saint of Alba, Ninian, now cry
with me, I ask of you, apostle be
to me as to the Picts of old you gave
the Prince of Peace to free barbaric souls.
O fair Iona! Saint Columba's home!
I ask you, Holy Abbot Columcille,
to guide me now, please pray for me, my friend,
as now I seek to know th'Annointed One.
Now, Holy Lady, saint of saints and pure,
pray with these ancient ones, these holy Celts
to free my soul from passions strong and deep,
that I may see a vision of your Son.

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