Thursday, November 21, 2013

Theosis (3)

According to the teachings of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the quintessential purpose and goal of the Christian life is to attain theosis or 'deification', understood as 'likeness to' or 'union with' God. Theosis refers to the attainment of likeness to or union with God, as deification has three stages in its process of transformation. Theosis as such is the goal, it is the purpose of life, and it is considered achievable through a synergy (or cooperation) between humans' activities and God's uncreated energies (or operations).

This metamorphosis (transfiguration /Theosis ) or transformation results from a deep deep love of God, surrender, and spiritual practice in particular, heyshasim.  Theoria is achieved by the pure of heart who are no longer subject to the afflictions of the passions. It is a gift from the Holy Spirit to those who, through observance of the commandment Love of God and your neighbor as yourself and ascetic practice( have achieved dispassion. According to the standard ascetic formulation of this process, there are three stages: catharsis or purification, theoria or illumination, and theosis or deification (also referred to as union with God.

compiled from Ortho-Wiki

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