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Celtic Christianity Historic Chronlogical Overview (Part 2a)

Chronology  of Celtic Christianity

 C47 A.D. 37: legend: The first Christian Church at Glastonbury; Britain Founded by Joseph of Arimathaea

c200 The earliest confirmed written evidence of Christianity in Britain is a statement by Tertullian, AD, in "all the limits of the Spains, and the diverse nations of the Gauls, and the haunts of the Britons, inaccessible to the Romans, but subjugated to Christ"

380-450 Life of Morgan of Wales  (A.K.A. Pelegius)

431 Palladius sent to Ireland by Pope Celestine

387-461 Life of Patrick

401  Patricius (St Pádraig) is taken into slavery in Ireland.

432 Start of Patrick's mission to the Irish
(the same year that Mary is declared the "Mother of God" by the Council of Ephesus)

445 Armagh founded

452-524 Life of Brigid

461  Patricius (St Pádraig) is taken into slavery in Ireland.

486-578 Life of Brendan the Voyager (Clonfert)

500-589 life of David of Wales

500 Monastery of Kildare founded by Brigid
500-550 Spread of Celtic monasticism throughout Europe.

512-545 Life of Ciaran (Kieran)

544 Monastery of Clonmacnoise founded by Ciaran

520 Monastery of Monasterboice founded

525  Death of St Brigid

521-597 Life of Columba (Colmcille)

546 Monastery of Derry founded by Columba

555 St Comgall founds monastery at Bangor

558  St Breandán founds monastery at Clonfert

560-580  North Atlantic voyages of St Breandán and St Cormac

560 Monastery of Kells and Durrow founded by Columba

561  After the Battle of Culdrevny, St Columcille exiles himself from Ireland, and goes to the island of Iona.

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