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Celtic Christianity Historic Chronlogical Overview (Part 2b)

 Chronology of Celtic Christianity - continued 

563-568 St Columcille founds a monastery on Iona and begins conversion of the Picts to Christianity.

558-618 Life of Kevin

590 Glendalough founded by Kevin

591 St Columbanus leaves from Bangor for Gaul

597  Death of St Columcille of Iona, the Enlightener of Scotland

 - in the same year, the Roman form of Christianity is brought to Britain for the first time by St Augustine, the former papal librarian who is made a missionary by Pope Gregory the Great to convert the Saxons. Augustine founds a monastery and the first church at Canterbury. He baptizes King Aethelbert of Kent at Canterbury.

c 600 Book of Durrow

?-651 life of Aidan of Lindisfarne brought Christianity to Northumbria

c 600-1100 Celtic High Cross building

601 Death of St Comgall of Bangor. In the same year, the Pope sends Paulinus to reinforce the Kentish mission. He bears with him letters from the Pope and a palladium for Augustine, who is consecrated archbishop and establishes his seat in Canterbury.

614 - 680   life of Hilda of Whitby

615  St Columbanus dies at his monastery in Bobbio, Italy.

634 – 687  life of Cuthbert

632  Lindisfarne  founded by Aidan who was sent from Iona

664 Synod of Whitby brings Celtic Church into conformity with Rome

700-800 Irish Monasticism reaches its zenith.

795 First reports of Viking invasions

800-847 Vikings raid continually, setting up settlements on the coasts

c 800 Book of Kells

815- 877 Johannes Scotus Eriugena   Irish theologian, Neoplatonist philosopher, and poet.

c 900-1100 Round tower building

This Chronology is by no means complete i invite you to  comment and suggest additions

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