Friday, August 9, 2013

All things are full of God

ALL things are full of God. Thus spoke  
  Wise Thales in the days  
When subtle Greece to thought awoke  
  And soared in lofty ways.  
And now what wisdom have we more?        
  No sage divining-rod  
Hath taught than this a deeper lore,  
The Light that gloweth in the sky  
  And shimmers in the sea,        
That quivers in the painted fly  
  And gems the pictured lea,  
The million hues of Heaven above  
  And Earth below are one,  
And every lightful eye doth love         
  The primal light, the Sun.  
Even so, all vital virtue flows  
  From life's first fountain, God;  
And he who feels, and he who knows,  
  Doth feel and know from God.         
As fishes swim in briny sea,  
  As fowl do float in air,  
>From Thy embrace we cannot flee;  
  We breathe, and Thou art there.  
Go, take thy glass, astronomer,         
  And all the girth survey  
Of sphere harmonious linked to sphere,  
  In endless bright array.  
All that far-reaching Science there  
  Can measure with her rod,         
All powers, all laws, are but the fair  
  Embodied thoughts of God. 
                           By John Stuart Blackie 
John Stuart Blackie (28 July 1809 – 2 March 1895) was a Scottish scholar and man of letters.

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