Monday, August 19, 2013

Love makes us speak

Love makes us speak; 
love makes us moan;
love makes us die; 
love brings us to life; 
love makes us drunk and bewildered; 
it sometimes makes one a king.
Love and the lover have no rigid doctrine. 
Whichever direction the lover takes, 
he turns toward his beloved. 
Wherever he may be, he is with his beloved. 
Wherever he goes, he goes with his beloved.
He cannot do anything, cannot 
survive for even one moment, without his beloved.
He constantly recalls his beloved as his beloved remembers him. 
Lover and beloved, rememberer and remembered, 
are ever in each other's company, always together. 

~Sheikh Muzaffer
Sufi mystic 
Much of sufi poetry and imagery is reflective of the Song of 
Solomon in that it places God as the Beloved and the seeker 
as the intoxicated lover and concerns it's self with the union
of the lover and the beloved.

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